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Writely – Rated High and Rightly So!

Posted by srinivasmurty on August 2, 2006

I have been using Writely, the online word processor that was bought by Google. I was one of the lucky few to hear about it when John Dvorak and Leo Laporte mentioned it on the TWIT podcast. Just a few days after I signed up it was acquired by Google and they stopped signing up new beta users. Now I am told Google has reopened beta invitations to Writely as well as Google Spreadsheet.

My experience with Writely is quite good. Its features are fairly well documented here. I have found small niggles here and there. For instance, if I choose to use the “strikeout” font feature I am not able to reset it back to normal. But one of the features that really like is the ability to post a blog entry right from inside the application simply by using the “Publish” feature. Great stuff. I would recommend anyone who is interested to get on the queue and become a beta tester. I am sure Google has added some more interesting features.

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ArrowHand Logo

Posted by srinivasmurty on July 26, 2006

How we decided on the name:

ArrowHand is a derivative of the term “Aarohan” which means “to climb”. Essentially, it is used in Indian classical music to symbolize the upward movement of notes in an ordered manner to define a classical “raga”. When we derived this word into ArrowHand, it was meant to symbolize a few things:

1. As a symbol of a famous Native American icon, the Arrowhead, made famous by tribes like the Navajo as well as by other Plains Indians.

2. Kung Fu’s Arrow Hand, an intricate set of “hand sets” (empty-hand defensive and attacking movements) that form part of the Hung Gar style of Kung Fu. It is a system that is considered to be better balanced in long- and short-range applications, a system which better reflected his own character and skills — Hung Gar. The essence of Hung Gar can be found in its name. “Hung” means to “stand tall with integrity.” Hung Gar tenants stress honesty, directness, iron will-power and righteousness. The Arrow Hand hand set is one of several intricate free-hand and weapons movements that form part of Hung Gar.

3. The name of a plant – Sagittaria Natans: Occasionally called “Ribbon Arrowhand”. Small plant with some oval leaves on the water surface and other ribbon leaves below surface level. Small three petalled white flowers which sit on the water surface. It is considered to be an Excellent Oxygenating plant.

There are several elements of the name that stand out:

1. The ethnic/traditional aspects – Indian, Native American
2. The Kung Fu angle – Honesty, Directness, Iron Will-power, Righteousness
3. The plant angle – Something that nurtures its flowers under water (read “under duress”!!), and one that gives succour by being a great “oxygenator”.

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Using hypnosis for self improvement

Posted by srinivasmurty on July 17, 2006

I was listening to Sirius radio a few months ago and heard a commercial from lady by the name of Wendi Friesen. The ad was compelling enough for me to buy one of her products, Financial Abundance. I have to admit I have not fully utilized the program. My problem is I only get time late at night to read or do some personal stuff. Wendi’s program requires you to listen to an audio CD that kind of hypnotizes you into believing in yourself and motivating you. I kept falling off to sleep and missing half the session. But I do think there is something in her system that can work. One just needs to motivate oneself and, in my case, not listen to it while lying down!! Meanwhile, Wendi has a new program, Zen of Thin. I would recommend anyone reading this to try it. Me, I’ve gotta get some results on my previous program first!!

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Home away from home

Posted by srinivasmurty on July 11, 2006

I was just reading the Northern New England AAA magazine and got to reminiscing about the good times I had in New England. One hears of Ellis Island and what immigrants went through in the late 19th and 20th century. All I can say is that when I immigrated to the US although I landed up in Washington DC to visit some friends, I started work the following week in Cambridge, Mass. I still remember driving up in the cab from Logan through the Tunnel and wondering how much Boston reminded me (particularly the East Side) of Bombay, India. And then crossing over the Charles River and seeing people jogging bare chested (sorry, no ladies….alas!) by the river. Those are abiding memories.

I spent six years in New England, married the love of my life, a born and bred New Englander herself, before we moved to Virginia. Still, I don’t know about other immigrants, but for this one, New England will continue to remain a Home away from home. I do believe it was my destiny to come there and goad the Red Sox to win the World Series, as well as for the Patriots to win all those championships. I somehow knew the moment I left New England that the Pats wouldn’t win….Hey, let me take some credit for that, can’t I??

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Hello world!

Posted by srinivasmurty on July 7, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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